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Are you feeling stuck with pain, guilt or regrets ?

We propose you the modern way to confess. We offer you a way to liberate from your secrets by writing them down here. By sharing your confession anonymously, you will inspire others to open up about their weights too and the readers that as similars stories won't feel alone anymore. In addition, every secrets will help an association each year to support people who needs help thanks to your donation of 5€ per secret. Open up about you story and inspire others to do so.

You are not alone, free your mind on confess.

Latest sharing secrets..

"I was abused at 9 years old and nobody knows about."

Women, 28 years old.

"I crashed the car of my dad and he still thinks it is a friend of mine that did it."

Men, 18 years old.

"I had sex with my best friend husband and I fell guilt everyday."

Women, 35 years old.


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